Why choose 360 Direct?

What our clients are saying:

Marketing often gets put on the back burner without a dedicated person assigned to your marketing activities. 360 Direct will sort through the trends and figure out what works for you in the marketplace. We will achieve your goals through careful planning and measurement. Let our extensive marketing experience guide you to make the right decisions for your company.

Does your company need marketing help? Look over the following list and decide if any read true to you:

  • We need to build our customer list
  • Our sales team doesn’t have enough quality leads
  • We need more customer referrals
  • I need someone regularly to sit down with me to brainstorm ideas, and review what we are doing
  • Our sales staff is very busy and we don’t have the payroll budget to hire a marketing staff
  • I need to know results of our marketing and advertising – Is it increasing profit?
  • We need our customers to come back more often
  • Our sales and profits are not where they should be
  • I don’t know the cost of a new customer today
  • Our advertising seems ineffective
  • We haven’t tested and measured our marketing and advertising
  • We are running the same advertising and are unsure what our return is, or if we should change it
  • Our bank is looking for our business and marketing plan to finance our receivables and construction
  • We need better strategy
  • We need to stand out better from our competition
  • Our sales and marketing materials don’t have consistent messaging – They need an update
  • My website lacks fresh content and is not using digital tools to their fullest potential

If any of these statements relate to your company, contact us now to find out how we can help improve your marketing.

why choose 360 Direct

We’ll walk you through these questions and more.

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