Inbound Content Marketing (ICM) Assistant Program

Welcome to 360 Direct’s Inbound Content Marketing (ICM) Assistant Program

Inbound Content Marketing Assistant Program

This program is similar to our marketing assistance program, but instead is focused exclusively on your inbound marketing. This will include your website, social media sites, and blogging. It may also be combined with the Director of Marketing (DOM) program or the Marketing Assistant (MA) program.

Clients on our Inbound Content Marketing (ICM) Assistant program will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Strategic marketing alignment
  • Creation of a timeline & plan of tactics for execution
  • Project management of the items on your tactic timeline
  • Streamlined delivery, decreased the number of estimates, with consistent and efficient implementation of your marketing activities
  • Fractional access to a marketing department without the payroll
  • Review of existing or initial setup of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media
  • Website copy review, assistance, and direction
  • Setup and direction of an automated approach to posting to the channels
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- analysis and appropriate maintenance
  • Use of Google Analytics for website performance and guiding activities
  • Test and measure your advertising for return on investment (ROI)

This program focuses on the digital strategy and related tactics designed to build your online community, increase your sphere of influence, and bring people into to your sales funnel. Contact us today if you are interested in pursuing this program to enhance your inbound marketing with the 360 Direct team.

We are excited to be your Inbound Content Marketing Assistant and look forward to working with you.

Already have a Director of Inbound Content Marketing?

360 Direct is scalable to your needs. We will work together with your director to augment marketing needs and activities.

Please contact one of our Marketing Consultants to learn more about our Inbound Content Marketing (ICM) Assistant program and to schedule a discovery meeting.