Business Marketing Diagnostic (BMD)

Have you ever wished a marketing expert could review all of your marketing and advertising without the obligation to buy other services?

With that specific need in mind, our team of marketing experts designed the Business Marketing Diagnostic (BMD) program to give you a clear understanding of where your marketing is at, and what needs to be addressed in order to get your marketing where you want it to be.

In the BMD program, 360 Direct will analyze, critique and make recommendations pertaining to all aspects of your marketing and advertising. It is designed for a business that has all or some of their marketing channels in place and is concerned with consistency, effectiveness, and measurement. A business not quite ready or sure of engaging an agency on a monthly program. This is a single fee based project in which 360 Direct will review, grade, and advise on each component of your marketing and advertising.

The BMD Process

  1. Your consultant will provide you with a Homework sheet or questionnaire.

  2. 30-40 minute discovery meeting with your consultant to review the discovery worksheet

  3. 360 Direct Strategist and Consultant will meet and complete the diagnostic reports

  4. Your consultant will meet with you to deliver and review the diagnostic report

Get the marketing assessment you want from a flexible, transparent agency without locking yourself into an expensive yearly contract. Our single fee marketing diagnostic is the first step in keeping your marketing aligned and running efficiently. Upgrading to more intensive program is always an option with 360 Direct, but never a requirement.