The Power of Branding Your Company

What is a Branding Statement? A branding statement used to be identified as an organization’s name, logo, slogan, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of all of these. These days, a branding…

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Successfully Engage Your Audience

Successfully Engage the Audience You Want, One Event at a Time

Whether you�re hosting an event, or simply participating in one, there are plenty of ways to engage your potential customers. Event marketing not only acts as another avenue for brand recognition,…

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Why is more important than what

“Why” is More Important than What at 360 Direct

When our owner, John Bernhoft, started a mailing service company in 2006, he immediately noticed an alarming trend. Many companies sent direct mail to poorly targeted lists, or sent direct mail…

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Why design matters in marketing

Why Marketing Design Matters

It’s easy to neglect updating the marketing design in your materials. Many times, companies use the same design for their marketing materials and just plug in updated specs and product…

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Marketing for all generations

5 Steps in Creating a Company Culture for All Generations

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” or “They’re the what’s in it for me generation” are phrases we’ve all heard in the workplace. Typically heard standing around the…

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Marketing Advice from a Brand Icon

Marketing Inspiration From A Brand Icon

In June 2016 Coca-Cola celebrated being a source of successful marketing inspiration for 130 years. A dominant global force and world renowned iconic brand, every company marketing a product can…

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Furbies teach us about branding

What Can Furbies Teach You About Branding?

I’ll preface this post by explaining that I grew up in the 90s. Tamagotchi. Furbies. Backstreet Boys. These are just three examples of brands that remind me of sleepovers at my cousins’ duplex where…

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Color is important

Color is important – Consumers cry out to Coca-Cola

Let Coca-Cola take the big chances, and then learn from their results. Today, we study the case of changing color and the white cans. A couple of years ago Coca-Cola decided to create a holiday…

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Color matters for branding

Should your Business ‘Sole-ly’ Trademark a Color?

Does your business own a color? Should you invest and exclusively trademark a color? Your answer is absolutely, yes. Today, the use of distinctive colors to identify products can be seen everywhere.…

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