What does 360 Direct believe?

As a transparent, budget conscious marketing company, 360 Direct sorts through the trends and figures out what works for you in the marketplace. We find it absolutely necessary to have a good marketing foundation. Like building a house, you need a foundation to build upon. We want to help you achieve that foundation with your marketing program.

We believe that you should be in control of your own marketing. That is why we do not require long term contracts or retainers. We also want you to understand your company’s marketing, which is why we provide programs such as website training so your employees can get a better understanding of how marketing works. Our goal is ultimately to show our customers the value in marketing.


Growing Businesses One Dream At A Time

John Bernhoft, 360 Direct President, was featured in BizTimes Milwaukee Coffee Break. He describes his beliefs regarding marketing and 360 Direct. Excerpt below:

How does 360 Direct distinguish itself from other marketing agencies?
“360 Direct brings the typical services of an agency without contracts or retainers and adds the element of consulting with a numbers perspective. We are accessible and approachable. Unlike most, we do not simply seek to spend a budget allocation. We focus on marketing development, long-term strategy and maximization of any size budget. Most agencies rely on the business to bring those pieces to the table and simply want to know how much they have to work with. We want to know the growth you want and will work with clients on how to get there.”

How would you describe your company’s culture?
“Ownership, accountability, responsibility, consistency and fun. These are keys to attracting creative A players.”

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